Welcome to Delicious Delights

Remember when you were a kid and the excitement of making truffles, cake pops or designer cakes? Ya me neither…but I do remember making homemade peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cherries, cookies, cakes plus several other tasty treats.

I have always believed we should make our life’s events special because they are part of our treasured memories forever. So I have been making my family gatherings extra special for the past 10 years and now want to help others make their events ones that everyone will remember…with mouth-watering delicious delights.

PS: We are a two part website made up of:
Delicious Delights & Josh Lepik Photography

If you would like to visit my darling husband’s site please click HERE

If you would like to check out any of my products please click one of the links at the top of the page.


Kristan & Josh Lepik

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