Threesixfive – Day 32

I got to enjoy date night with my sweetheart. He took me to La Renaissance where we enjoyed a five course dinner that included duck with light apricot sauce and orange roughy and ended with delicious cream puffs (their food is sooooo yummy)



Threesixfive – Day 31

Beauty can be found in the most unexpected nooks and crannies. For example just take a look at artwork (in goes a lot further than the picture can capture) on the side of the Arkansas River that we get to see everyday and most take for granted


Threesixfive – Day 30

Today was Josh’s last Thursday off thus this was his and Lyssa’s last daddy/daughter day together during the week so he decided to take her to the Cheyenne Mtn Zoo which she gladly agreed with (she is very opinionated…and I have noooo idea where she gets that from) when they were getting close they realized they weren’t the only ones with the idea to go to the zoo today (spring break = over 4,000 people already there when they arrived) but 45 minutes of waiting for a parking spot and 10 minutes in line they were finally in and ready to enjoy their day 🙂





Threesixfive – Day 29

As I am waiting for my noodles to cook I decided to reflect on my day. Went to work (my regular full time job not baking) then Josh had an eye appt and after being blinded with the dilation drops I helped him pick a super cool pair of glasses with a hint of lime green in them (his fav color) then we decided to take advantage of the remaining sunlight and went for a bike ride and took in the beauty surrounding us…




Threesixfive – Day 26

My mom and Auntie Dorothy (twins) are the youngest of 9 siblings so growing up most of us younger grand children didn’t have the opportunity to meet/know our grandparents however we were fortunate enough to spend time with our aunts and uncles who shared their stories of being raised on the ranch. Some of which consisted of getting up with the dawn to milk the cows and feed the animals. Some of my aunt Clorinda’s favorite memories is raising young lambs and to celebrate her 75th birthday today I made her a cake to reflect one of those treasured memories.
Happy Birthday Auntie Clorinda!!!