Threesixfive – Day 39

So the era of having to go the ER is upon us… Granted when we were younger my brother and I had our fair share of ER visits from him swallowing coins, me putting orange seeds up my nose, him looking too far out the car window and taking a perfect 10 head dive into the cement, to me deciding to cut cardboard with a knife and almost cutting the tip of one of my fingers clean off…well yesterday Lyssa was running, tripped & split her eyebrow open on a bench…first hospital we went to lets just say was icky (I’m not huge on blood being on everything where the kids are supposed to be able to play) so we packed up, let them know we were headed out and headed to the Pueblo West ER and they got us back right away. Dr took a look and decided she needed stitches (even though Mommy tried requesting a glue suture) and my tough little girl got 3 stitches to her eyebrow. Way to go Lyss!!!
It did completely break our hearts after she was sutured up when Lyss started crying not because of the pain… but because she said she wasn’t beautiful anymore and that she looked like Frankenstein…we told her that she will always be beautiful because beauty starts from within and naturally radiates outward and as long as she remains who she is…she will always be our beautiful angel…

I will warn you if you don’t like blood…don’t look at the pics




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