Threesixfive – Day 67

Today we decided to relax and take it easy so we headed to the Nature Center with Ranger in the back barking the whole ride there. When we arrived Lyssa was definitely not happy when she realized that we didn’t bring her bike however,  when she saw where we were headed her attitude quickly changed. LOL like her being in her swimsuit wasn’t the first clue. We spent the day at the river, Lyssa and I built a sand/dirt castle, Ranger played fetch with a stick in the awesome ice-cold river, and of course Lyssa made a new friend before we left…of course our little princess found a frog! But at least she didnt’ try kissing it lol. And now before Lyssa passes out….daddy has her out on the back patio making smores over the grill as we wait for the super moon’s appearance tonight 🙂

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