Threesixfive – Day 65

Tonight was Lyssa’s end of year school program and she had been talking about how excited she was about it for days, she told me that she wanted to look as pretty as a princess so I took advantage of the rare girlie moment (for both of us) and dolled her up (ya mommie got dolled up too lol), she was such a good girl that she even wore one of my Tiffany’s necklaces (one of her favorite necklaces of mine). Now that daddy’s girls were ready we decided to snap a few pics before heading out.

When we arrived to her school she was in great spirits and was hugging up on her beau Alex (to daddy’s dismay) and goofing around with the other kids. However when her classmates lined up with the teachers and were getting ready to march in, Ms. Earlene called mommy to help with what I thought was a small case of stage fright…boy was I WRONG! Our normally extremely outgoing, ham of a daughter was so freaked out with all the people watching she decided that she would much rather watch the program than participate. Poor baby….she sat on Mommy’s lap and then hid in her cubby hole.


Threesixfive – Day 64

Lyssa was so excited to see her Nina & Nono (her godparents) as they had been on vacation in NYC for the past week. She had missed them so much while they were gone that she wanted to get a suitcase so she could pack her bag and go to New York to see them. And as soon as they got back she celebrated with some bear hugs then decided to play in the mud lol