Simple Sunday

Today honey and one of his cousins enjoyed the Bronco / Steelers game (well honey was probably the only one who really enjoyed the game given that he is a Bronco fan and Brett is a Steelers fan πŸ˜‰ lol)


While the guys were out of town us gals decided to go hang out with my parents and get a kickstart on Lyssa’s birthday party decor (yes…I know…I know..her bday isn’t until March…but I like to be prepared early so there is no stress) so we started her paper mΓ’chΓ© teapots for her Alice in Wonderland party

She had fun picking which balloons Mommie got to blow up (even though in the end I landed up blowing the entire package up)

Lyssa is such a great helper, she loves to be involved even with little things like cutting the strips of paper.

Had to take a break πŸ™‚

This is where we finished because my daddy made us girls an amazing BBQ dinner of Louisiana blackened chicken, brats, baked potatoes, and calabacitas! Thank you mom, dad & Lyss for a wonderful day πŸ™‚

Back to school

So Wednesday was Lyssa’s first day back to school and we were very excited but last night I had to laugh because I was reminded exactly how much she is like her daddy. When I asked how school was this is the response I got:
She had a very good day.
Lol. That’s all I’ve got!

This reminds me of the response that her daddy used to give when asked about his day at school:
I had a good day, I ate food and learned stuff…

Wow! When our parents teased us that they wished we had one just like us..I didn’t think it would really happen but we really are getting paid back tenfold. Lol


Prankster taught a lesson

So on Monday my hubby decided to play a really mean prank on me. So he made me think I got him in really BIG trouble at work because a few days before I had accidentally text his work phone (nothing inappropriate…I was actually excited because the house we have been interested in dropped in price) instead of his normal personal phone….
After I realized that he was just playing one of his many jokes, I decided my teach my prankster hubby a lesson. So I (and my awesome friends) came up with a plan to make him think I was pregnant (yes we went for a low blow). So I was sensitive to smells, couldn’t eat meat because it taste weird, was a little nauseous, then during lunch hubby and I were going over our calendars and my time was so “conveniently” scheduled for a week ago which caused a panicked look and a quick trip to Walgreens to pick up some pregnancy tests. After returning to work we agreed that I would take the test on my 2nd break. My plan was to get one of my friends who was really preggers to pee on the stick for me but I forgot she got off early. So I found a believable pic on Google (I went pretty far in the search results to ensure it wasn’t easily found) and sent him the pic. At this point his coworkers say that he went white and almost passed out. I came clean about an hour later but he learned a valuable lesson…and he has now vowed to never prank me again Lol πŸ™‚ love ya babe!


Hot Air Balloon Festival

My parents always tried to take us to things that were unique and memorable and as a parent I have tried to do this with my daughter. So on Saturday my husband and I woke her up at 4am, bundled her up, drove to Springs and watched the hot air balloon festival together as a family. Afterwards she spotted the bounce house village and was excited to see there was Mystery Machine bounce house lol. Overall I would say that today was amazing and one for our photo album to keep for precious memories.