Some Good Advice

So the other night my boss had made the comment that her and her husband started that tradition 20-some years ago not answer their phone(s) during dinner; since its the only meal that they get together.
After she left her words kept ringing in my head and I couldn’t help but think how many dinners over the years we interrupted with answering a text or phone call so that very night I mentioned the subject to my hubby and we both fell in love with the idea of turning our phones off during dinner whether its a big family dinner or just the two of us enjoying a bite together.
I challenge everyone to turn the cell phone off and enjoy some family time. I know that I want my spouse and child to look back in 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now and remember spending quality family time together instead of how much I was distracted…

Paper Mâché Teapots

This summer us gals (Lyssa, my mom “Mammy” & I) had a girls day that consisted of making paper mâché balloons that I envisioned as teapots.



Well now that Lyssa’s birthday is getting closer and the weather has driven me to spend more time indoors (I am definitely NOT a winter baby) I decided to start putting the teapots together and this is where I have created so far (hopefully with another layer of paper mâché and some paint they will turn out exactly how I envisioned)


Will post the final product soon 🙂

Work in Progress (Alice in Wonderland)

So I am going to give the threesixfive another go…if you already know me you know that I am a bit OCD especially when it comes to my little miss’s birthday parties. I usually start planning the next party on the drive home from her current party (yes I know that’s really far in advance but what can I say other than I am addicted lol). So this year will be our little miracle’s 5th birthday and her and I decided (yes she had a say so) to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme.
For the kiddies I saw really these cute Squeeze Its (one of my favorite summer drinks when I was a kid) dressed up as “Drink Me” bottles:


And it gave me the idea since I always include the adults to design “Drink Me” bottles for the grown ups so after months of collecting Starbucks bottles I created these fabulous grown up version of the “Drink Me” bottles: