Work in Progress (Alice in Wonderland)

So I am going to give the threesixfive another go…if you already know me you know that I am a bit OCD especially when it comes to my little miss’s birthday parties. I usually start planning the next party on the drive home from her current party (yes I know that’s really far in advance but what can I say other than I am addicted lol). So this year will be our little miracle’s 5th birthday and her and I decided (yes she had a say so) to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme.
For the kiddies I saw really these cute Squeeze Its (one of my favorite summer drinks when I was a kid) dressed up as “Drink Me” bottles:


And it gave me the idea since I always include the adults to design “Drink Me” bottles for the grown ups so after months of collecting Starbucks bottles I created these fabulous grown up version of the “Drink Me” bottles:


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