Neverland Cake

When Alyssa decided to do a Neverland birthday party my wheels immediately started spinning. One of the first details that came to mind was the cake (of course…right!) well I had an idea that I wanted to do Neverland island and I love being able to make the idea in my head come to life!!!
Here are just a couple of pics of the cake so far


(keep in mind I HAD to make it that big because it needs to feed 100 guests…ok that totally a lie as I probably would have made it the same size for 40 guests just because I wanted the look lol)


And this is pretty much how I pictured it with all of the characters

Starry Sweets

I am a firm believer that things turn out better when they are done properly from scratch. With that being said, out of exhaustion I chose to buy some sugar cookie mix and save myself some time…BIG mistake!!!
Not only did the cookies not hold their shape, now I just wasted precious time cutting & baking 3 batches of cookies! So I pull out my recipe book and make the cookies from scratch which I will just do in the future (thank you life for this great lesson).
Despite the false start, I love the way the ones from scratch turned out!

Had to compare both batches lol


Now THOSE are how sugar cookies are supposed to look 😀

Pixie Dust

This was the first project that Alyssa and I started in preparation for her Neverland birthday party and we just put the finishing touches to dress up the bottles a bit.



Neverland Chocolate Covered Oreos

As I was creating the dessert list for Alyssa’s Neverland Birthday party I wanted to make a treat that I haven’t made before but doable. In the end I chose to make chocolate covered oreos for the versatility in being able to cover them in any color and pair them with different toppers plus I knew that I wouldn’t be spending tons of time on tedious details (genius thought…I know 😉 )


Skulls for the fierce pirates


Butterflies for our pretty fairies

Fancy 6

Just finished the fancy “6” adorned in dainty lilac, a butterfly, flowers, jewels and ribbon. I think Josh liked it more than Alyssa 🙂

I drew the 6 on some cardboard
Cut it out
Then went old school and used the tissue paper and Elmer’s glue technique to cover the front
Afterwards I decided to dress it up a little before it looked finished.


Our family loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Breathtaking views, free entertainment, exercise, family bonding time (especially without electronic distractions), what more could a girl ask for, right?!
Well last Labor Day our family decided to enjoy a trip to Keystone. It is trips like this that take me back to my childhood…and now there is a new generation that gets to enjoy this family time as Savannah, Cole and Alyssa were able to come along with my parents, and Auntie Dorothy (my mom’s twin and my Nina), Lance, Josh and myself and it made for a grand time!

As we were traveling with the smaller children and our family dog; Josh and I decided it to be wise to stop and let the kids stretch their legs and play for a few minutes (and it had nothing to do with being asked “are we there yet” about 50 times since we left town)

Finally we arrive!


The kids start exploring the townhouse and immediately laid claims on the bunk beds lol


One of the nights everyone participated in the art contest and to make it fair it sent all the pics to my brother (who couldn’t make this trip) to pick the winner.
We played cards, went swimming, walked all across town, enjoyed the mini circus show in town square, and in the early mornings Josh and I got to sneak out and enjoy cross country mountain biking.

Growing up I loved trips like this and still do! I hope one day my daughter will look back and fondly remember the good quality family time we have too.