Surprise day on the slopes

Sometimes things work out perfectly. When hubby and I were desperately needing some quality time together one of our friends came up to me on a Friday asking if Josh & I have snow bibs and if Alyssa would be with us the next day. Because our daughters are same age and go to school together I assumed that she wanted to have a snowy play date…to my surprise she was offering us 2 free lift tickets and transpiration to Monarch!!! What a great and wonderful friend she gave us more than a free ski trip…she gave us just the day we needed together! We immediately made plans for Lyss to spend some much needed time with her Grammie and Josh & I were off to Monarch and what a fun day it was!!! I was a little nervous since I hadn’t skied since before Lyss was born but hubby talked me into snow blading instead and now I am totally hooked 🙂





Thank you JoElla we are truly so thankful that you thought of us for this trip! You are amazing!

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