Two front teeth

Last Friday Lyss lost her very first tooth! And what an ordeal it was, she had been working on her two wiggly bottom teeth now for a week now and was so pumped to lose her first one, she was even ready for us to pull it out in Village Inn lol. Thank goodness we hesitated! When we got home and finally talked her into letting us pull it she cried bloody murder for nearly 30 minutes!!! Finally I explained that she had 12 minutes before bedtime and she could definitely spend them however she wanted…if she wanted to spend them crying we would respect that but if she chose to play with her dolls daddy and mommy would play with her…she immediately stopped crying and chose to play with her dolls with us instead…the look on hubby’s face was priceless! He was shocked that she could turn off the waterworks so easily, Lyssa just giggled and told him that he got to play the daddy doll lol. Gotta love kids…

PS. Lyss lost her 2nd tooth tonight and I am proud to say that not a single tear was shed 🙂


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