Our family loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Breathtaking views, free entertainment, exercise, family bonding time (especially without electronic distractions), what more could a girl ask for, right?!
Well last Labor Day our family decided to enjoy a trip to Keystone. It is trips like this that take me back to my childhood…and now there is a new generation that gets to enjoy this family time as Savannah, Cole and Alyssa were able to come along with my parents, and Auntie Dorothy (my mom’s twin and my Nina), Lance, Josh and myself and it made for a grand time!

As we were traveling with the smaller children and our family dog; Josh and I decided it to be wise to stop and let the kids stretch their legs and play for a few minutes (and it had nothing to do with being asked “are we there yet” about 50 times since we left town)

Finally we arrive!


The kids start exploring the townhouse and immediately laid claims on the bunk beds lol


One of the nights everyone participated in the art contest and to make it fair it sent all the pics to my brother (who couldn’t make this trip) to pick the winner.
We played cards, went swimming, walked all across town, enjoyed the mini circus show in town square, and in the early mornings Josh and I got to sneak out and enjoy cross country mountain biking.

Growing up I loved trips like this and still do! I hope one day my daughter will look back and fondly remember the good quality family time we have too.


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