Despicable Me Cupcakes

Alyssa loved the Despicable Me themed cupcakes that I did this weekend so much she decided to make one of her own 🙂



I definitely love her creativity and passion for art. I hope she continues to express herself and I am sure that when she is older she will far surpass my baking and creativity skills 🙂


There are so many proud moments I have as a momma, but today when I walked out of the house into the garage to see my hubby teaching our little girl how to shoot her new Daisy BB Rifle (bday present from us) I was truly so proud of her…especially her accuracy for her first shooting.




We take her with us to the ranch when we shoot, but NOW she can join in on the fun and have a little target practice herself.
FYI her target was a picture she asked my dad to draw specifically for shooting (she wanted to be able to shoot zombies but knows how super afraid of zombies so she asked Pampo to draw a Frankenstein zombie so mommie wouldn’t be too scared…super cute right)