Kitchen Make Over

I believe I have started a new tradition. During my hubby’s last several business trips to Dallas besides hours of ballet practice and rehearsals, work, work outs, crafts, etc. I have kept myself preoccupied with home improvement projects. Last time he was out of town I updated our upstairs bathroom (here). Well this time I decided to test the time limits and give our tiny kitchen a facelift all the while keeping my project a complete surprise for Josh to discover when he got home.

In order to keep it a surprise I definitely had to make the changes budget friendly.
• So I decided to give our old outdated oak cabinets a fresh look by painting them white.
• And instead of buying all new hardware (hinges and pull knobs) I gave our old brass ones a coat of black spray paint (my friend Sascha fondly points out that spray paint is our duct tape…we use it to fix EVERYTHING! lol).
• Found a killer deal at the north-side Lowes (yes I know I am SUPER lucky that our town has TWO stores) on wood closet shelves that were too pretty to hide in a closet soooo I decided they to use them in the kitchen instead





At this point I decided that our old counters were now too ugly to stay so I took a risk did some really quick (and I mean quick like in while walking to the paint aisle at Lowes) Google searches how to redo a countertop and decided to paint our countertops and then give them a couple coats of polyurethane to protect them (I figured polyurethane is good enough to protect floors it is good enough to protect countertops. I have to say the gamble totally paid off, we now have beautiful new (well they look new) countertops for $30!




I am happy to share that the results amazed my husband (and myself…after I was done I simply sat on our kitchen and stared at my handy work 🙂 but I am super cheesy like that). Best part is…due to me having most of the basic supplies the overall make over only cost $70 out of my pocket!

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