Kitchen Buffet

We have been on a role with home improvement projects recently but our last 2 projects (I will post the 2nd one later) we have tackled together which was awesome because we can both look at them and be super proud.
Since our kitchen is super tiny, counter space is in high demand and much appreciated. In order to give us some extra counter space we needed an extra spot to put our microwave.
My solution was to get a buffet to fit in our nook, this was a challenge because we had to find one that fit the dimensions (21″ deep x 49″ wide). After scouring new & used furniture stores, I finally found a ugly blue dresser that would need to be completely redone including a new back but the guy wouldn’t budge from the $175 price, yikes!! I mean come one this is a small dresser with a LOT of damage…so our search continued until a few weeks later hubby calls me and tells me he is sending me a pic and I need to look and let him know immediately if I like it. When I got the pic I knew that this was the perfect piece that we had been waiting for.

And for only $60 it was a great deal. We went and picked it up immediately and I got to work on it that evening 🙂
Hubby spray painted the hardware silver and I stained the dresser a dark brown (Rust-oleum Java stain). We also decided not to put the cabinet doors back on and leave it an open look.




All in all we love our the new buffet, it gives weight to the nook that was just kinda top heavy and is super functional, especially since besides putting the microwave on top we put our silverware in it too. Win-win