Simply Meant To Be Wedding Cake

I had the pleasure of making a wedding cake for an amazing couple


Over 1,000 petals went into making all of these roses but it’s totally worth it to see the smile on the bride & groom’s faces when they see the cake for the first time 😊
Congratulations Olivia & Donavan!

Scarecrow Lunch

I think this was a mix between a scarecrow and the headless horseman lol
Either way Lyss loved it this morning when she snuck a peek at her lunch and that’s all that matters 😊
Head = Babybel cheese wheel
Body = imitation crab meat
Torch = carrot & cherry tomato
Firey background = radishes
Vampire teeth = apple & almond slices teeth
Cherry yogurt
Flatbread crisps
Topped with a witchy chocolate coin

Spider Web Lunch

This lunch consisted of a salami sandwich cut into a spider web
I drew the lines with a Wilton edible black pen
The spider web hangs over a pumpkin patch
Greenery is compliments of delicious broccoli
Key Lime pie yogurt topped with a white chocolate skull
Then we have a Witch’s Cauldron filled with Green Grapes

Spook-tacular Lunch

Ok I finally did it!
I have made the coolest lunch Alyssa has gotten yet 😄


This spook-tacular lunch consists of:
Tombstone = Ham & cheese sandwich
RIP = Candy lettering
Foliage = Broccoli
Fence = Carrots held together with kabob sticks
(pointy ends cut off)
Ghost = Peep
Jack-O-Lantern = Cutie with the face drawn on with a black sharpie
Sour cream & onion Pringles (Lyssa’s favorite)
Topped with a gummy tombstone

2014 Hot Air Balloon Festival

Lyssa has enjoyed the hot air balloon festival every year since she was an infant whether it is the sunrise launch or the night glow. This year her BFF was able to come with us for this spectacular event. Arie & Alyssa were such good girls getting up in the morning especially considering they couldn’t fall asleep before midnight due to the excitement (even though we tucked them into bed at 8:30pm lol).
We made the girls hot coco to drink on the ride up to Springs and bundled them up then the look on their faces when they saw the balloons filling up all around us was so cute! They kept pointing to the balloons and picking out their favorite ones. Totally adorable 😄






The pink camo one was the girls’ favorite balloon


After the launch we let the girls play in the bounce houses for a bit….ok ok them playing gave us the chance to rest while we watched them play for a few minutes.


Between the playing & the lack of sleep the girls were tuckered out by noon lol.
Warning totally sappy mom moment coming soon…here is the pumpkin at the hot air balloon festival down in NM.