Lepik / Gonzales 2014 Fall photo shoot

it doesn’t matter how many beautiful photos hubby has taken or videos he has edited I still love seeing his work. However I am especially thrilled by his most recent photo shoot…mainly because it was of our family including my parents!

We decided to take an earlier morning trip up to San Isabel for some family pictures so we grabbed our coffee and hit the road super early since it takes just shy of an hour to get there.

When we arrived the view was breathtaking, the rising sun was reflecting off the lake and the leafs were a sea of red, orange and yellow with a hint of remaining green. I wished we could have stayed up in the mountains ALL day! 😊

Here are my favorite pics:



Alyssa Hope, my beautiful, kind-hearted, little miracle.
I cannot believe she is already this big..


Josh & myself with our baby girl.
She is becoming more of a Daddy’s girl every day…I am waiting for the day where mom is no longer cool (hopefully that is still a very long time away)




Here are my amazing parents who have taken my brother and I on some amazing adventures and join us on many of the new adventures we experience with their grand-daughter.





Lastly the love of my life & I got this pic before we completely lost the good lighting.


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