Go Fund Me – Arron’s Medical Expenses

Arron is one of my best friends, he is truly one of those individuals that is genuinely there for others and has a personality that people are naturally drawn to. He would never ask for help himself but really needs our support right now. If you are able, please donate! Every little bit helps and is truly appreciated.

 Go Fund Me – Arron’s Medical Expenses

Friends and Family,

I’m Stephanie, Arron’s friend and manager. I’ve worked with Arron for almost 5 years and one day in November of last year I remember seeing him at his desk doubled over in pain. He was very pale and looked very sick. I told him he needed to go to the emergency room but being the stubborn man that he is, he refused. I called my best friend Amber, the love of his life, and told her that she needed to make him go. As soon as she saw him she knew that something was terribly wrong and she forced him to go to the ER right away. I remember calling to check on him and finding out that he had internal bleeding which was why he was so pale. He was admitted into the hospital that day, which was the day that changed his life. They found a mass in his rectum which was diagnosed as stage 3b rectal cancer. The mass almost completely obstructed his bowel and had to be removed immediately.  After this first surgery he had an ileostomy bag that left burns and wounds on his body. This stay had an out of pocket expense of $2,200. About two weeks before Christmas he was admitted back into the hospital to reverse the ileostomy, which was another $1500 out of pocket expense. The process of healing from the reversal of the ileostomy has been a long, slow process that is still ongoing. Starting in January of this year Arron began a very aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment which was Monday-Friday every day for six weeks. This has left an out of pocket expense of $3,600. He is currently in phase two of treatment which is 3 hours of infusion treatment at a facility and 2 days at-home chemotherapy administered by a pump, every other week. 

Anyone who has met Arron immediately loves him. He is kind, caring, and has an infectious smile and laugh. He has a heart of gold! Last year when one of our other friends was going through a tragedy Arron was instrumental in helping with a benefit. The funds from this benefit enabled another good man to provide for his son and focus on his new found role as a single father. 

During this entire time, Arron has been out of work which is compounding the financial strain for him and his dear family. Arron and Amber also take care of his elderly parents. The pressure to provide for the family and cover medical expenses is something that I don’t feel my dear friend should have to worry about. To ensure Arron’s recovery I am asking for help from friends, family, and the community, to open their hearts and help a wonderful man and a great family.

‘Arron’s Medical Expenses’ http://dm2.gofund.me/u2j2w4