MC2 School Lunch

Tonight our little miss put in a special request for tomorrow’s lunch and I felt so out of it because I had no idea what she really cool show she was talking about lol. So after immediately googling what the heck Project MC2 I discovered that it was about kid spies that are also into science so was I was happy to comply (yup the inner science geek came out in me…judge if you want to šŸ˜‰). 

So I came up with the following lunch and got a thumbs approval from our secret agent….I mean from A-Bear. Lol

Sandwich cut into a rectangle and with the help of provolone and some edible markers it now looks like notebook paper.

Pepperoni cut into MC2 with some mini cookie cutters.

I converted a stick of colby cheese into a pencil with a pink sharpie marker for the eraser and a pen for the details.

Lastly to finish off the look I filled a test tube with green sixlets.

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