Arm Knit Fleece Yarn Blanket

I recently fell in love with these beautiful, thick wool, arm-knitted blankets:  

 But wanted to find an affordable DIY alternative, so I decided to make my own fleece yarn then use it to arm knit a warm fuzzy blanket.

 I started with 5 yards of Ivory Anti-Pill Fleece from Joann’s.

 I laid it flat and left it folded in half long ways.

 Starting at the fold cut towards the open ends in approximately 1 inch strips. (Make sure to stop about a 3/4 inch from the open end.) 

 TOP layer only: finish cutting every other strip through the open end of the fabric. 

 BOTTOM layer only: finish cutting every other OPPOSITE strip through the end of the fabric. 

 Round out each corner to ensure a seamless look where fabric will bend.   Roll your newly created fleece yarn into one giant ball of yarn. 😄

  Now get to arm knitting. Don’t know how? Now worries! This link is AMAZING!!!

After 5 yards, I realized I wanted my blanket to be bigger so we bought another 2.5 yards and repeated the process of making the yarn. But it was worth it, because I landed up with this beauty. ❤️  

 I will admit that I spent a LOT longer than 45 minutes on my blanket but it’s also quite a bit bigger than the one in the tutorial. And after everything was said and done I landed up using the full 7.5 yards of fleece.


One thought on “Arm Knit Fleece Yarn Blanket

  1. Hi there! Love the blanket, it’s gorgeous! I was wondering did you cast on the 18 stitches like in the tutorial link or did you add more?

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