Beauty and the Beast Birthday Invitations

I must admit, this year’s birthday invitations are fancier than my wedding invitations were lol. But I chalk it up to having more experience with card making now vs. then.

These beautiful invitations were my inspiration. 

*Fair Warning this is a lengthy step-by-step tutorial  To get started, I went to one of my favorite craft stores “Hobby Lobby” and purchased: 

• 5.5″x7.5″ Kraft Envelopes

• 5″x7″ Navy blue bifold cards

• 4″x6″ White cardstock pack

• Embossing heat gun

• Embossing powder

• Clear embossing stamp pad

• A stamp

• Gold vellum paper

• Gold & white place cards

• Glue sticks 

• Permanent glue roller

 I used Kraft envelopes and addressed them with my calligraphy pen to make them fancy.
 I started by opening up the 5×7 blank navy card and carefully folded the outside edge to meet the middle crease. 

 I repeated this step with the other side.

For the wording I used the intro from “Be Our Guest” song and added some of my own verbiage and of course it had to rhyme. 😉 I then inserted a silhouette of the Beauty and the Beast dancing. 

I printed the invitation insert on the 4″x6″ white card and trimmed it up to fit a little better inside the 5″x7″ navy card. I used the glue roller on the back of the white card and pressed it into place.


  Now comes the embossing stage! I discovered that I LOVE embossing and wonder why I didn’t get an embossing gun years ago! 😍 I lightly pressed the stamp on the stamp pad then immediately stamped the navy card above the insert. 

  Immediately cover the clear stamp imprint with embossing powder (I chose gold sparkle for an elegant look).

 Lightly tap off the excess powder but make sure not to flick your card too hard otherwise you will make the powder fall off the stamp imprint. 

Then use the embossing gun to essentially melt the powder to the paper. (Warning the embossing gun gets REALLY hot and I accidentally got too close to my carpet and have the melted/burnt spots to prove it! 😳 Hubby luckily wasn’t mad and with a smile on his face he simply made the comment “You will do anything to get rid of this carpet and get hardwood floors won’t you?” Hahaha, it really was a mistake but given my track record with also accidentally electrifying myself with the stove after making comments how much I wanted a new stove I can totally see where he is coming from. 😋 I cut 1/4″ x 11.5″ strips of gold vellum. I measured the length for the sides of the frame. You can use the scrap to measure the length for either the top/bottom pieces (you will get 1 side & 1 top piece per each strip). I made sure to cut the corners of top and bottom frame pieces at a 45 degree angle to give it a more finished look (this doesn’t have to be a perfect 45 degree angle so I just eyeballed it). Next use the glue stick to apply glue to the backside of the strips and press them in place. 

I chose to use place cards for the outside seal (added bonus is that I was able to use BOTH the front and the back of the place cards so I didn’t have to buy another package. I used a small crown stamp that I already had and embossed it with the same gold sparkle powder. For the wording I broke out my calligraphy set and hand wrote “Be Our Guest” on each card. 

Cut the gold vellum paper in 2″X11.5″ strips (you will get 4 pieces per sheet of paper). Make sure to count how many invitations you are making so you know how many strips to cut.

  Forgive me as I forgot to take a picture of this next step. All you need to do is lay your navy card in the center over the gold strip. Fold each side of the gold strip so they overlap in the middle. Apply the glue roller to the center of the place card, place it over where the vellum meets up and press it into place.

  I love how the gold strip and seal simply slide on/off the invitation!

At this point I was torn. The invitations look amazing but I also wanted more (I know I’m crazy sometimes lol). So I also added some gold fleur de lis in the corners.  

I ❤️ how elegeant the invitations came out. 

DIY Mrs. Potts & Chip

Mrs. Potts and Chip are finished! 

 So anyone who knows me would say I’m a perfectionist but sometimes that OCD side of me totally pays off lol. I knew immediately what kind of tea pot I wanted to use for Mrs. Potts but when it came to Chip I couldn’t find one that was just right and I wouldn’t settle for a cup that wasn’t the perfect size & shape. But after about a month of searching I found the perfect cup to transform into Chip, even IF it didn’t have a chip in it. 😉  

This set of characters were actually pretty easy to complete once I had the items with the shape & sizes I wanted. 

I started with molding air dry clay around the Mrs. Potts, the sugar and creamer holders. The clay gave Mrs. Potts the appearance of her rufflie hat/lid and all of the tea set characters their rimmed feet.

After the clay was dry, I spray painted the characters a soft white color to ensured they all matched and I loved the softer color because bright white would look too new and after all they have been enchanted for seven years.  

After they were completely white, I simply took some acrylic paint and perfectly colored sharpies and added the custom paint job to give this cute little tea set the perfect look. To Lyssa’s delight I even gave Chip his trademark “chip” that contributed to his name. 

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DIY Cogsworth 

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DIY Cogsworth

With my baby girl’s (I know she’s going to be 8, but she is STILL my baby girl) birthday around the corner I am putting the finishing touches on the Beauty and the Beast characters and very excited to share how they came to life! 

I chose NOT to add the faces to the characters (dispite Lyssa’s protests) because I wanted to have a believable aspect. I wanted each character to look like the actual household item, yet give them enough personality so we can totally see how they could come to life once enchanted. 😉

This post shares how Cogsworth, the tightly wound clock who is in charge of overseeing everything in the castle came to life.

After scouring thrift stores for a few weeks I found a dome clock (YAY! It was a double win since the dome was perfect for the Enchanted Rose which will be in a different post).  

Lyssa & I unscrewed all the pieces and removed Cogsworth’s head and put it aside.  

Then I did a sloppy sketch (don’t judge, I did say it was a sloppy sketch lol) of what I was envisioning Cogsworth to look like in my mind.  

Now that I had a good idea of how I wanted him to look, I grabbed a scrap board and drew out the design. I first lightly sketched him out in pencil, using a ruler for the straight lines. Then traced over the drawing in a sharpie for a thicker line, which would make it easier to follow while I was cutting out the pieces using our new zig saw (an awesome Christmas present from my brother…he knows his sister loves her power tools! 😍). 

Once all the pieces were cut out, hubby applied gorilla wood glue and we put a heavy tool box on top of the now glued pieces of wood to help press everything together.  

Once the glue had fully dried, I cut out some panel board for the top & bottom to close up his body. We applied some stain and painted the inside a dark bluish-purple color. Then I used some old toilet paper & towel holders as his feet (SEE honey, it WAS a good thing I didn’t throw them away!) 😁   

For his arms I knew I wanted something whimsical but couldn’t find anything that seemed the perfect fit then it dawned on me! Why not use gold bakeable clay! Genius I know. 😊 The clay gave me full creative license to choose exactly how the arms would be shaped and bent. 275 degrees and 45 minutes later his arms were done! I let them harden overnight.

Here is what Cogsworth looks like today: 

I know that I am a big cheeseball but I am so excited with how he turned out!
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