Arm Knit Fleece Yarn Blanket

I recently fell in love with these beautiful, thick wool, arm-knitted blankets:  

 But wanted to find an affordable DIY alternative, so I decided to make my own fleece yarn then use it to arm knit a warm fuzzy blanket.

 I started with 5 yards of Ivory Anti-Pill Fleece from Joann’s.

 I laid it flat and left it folded in half long ways.

 Starting at the fold cut towards the open ends in approximately 1 inch strips. (Make sure to stop about a 3/4 inch from the open end.) 

 TOP layer only: finish cutting every other strip through the open end of the fabric. 

 BOTTOM layer only: finish cutting every other OPPOSITE strip through the end of the fabric. 

 Round out each corner to ensure a seamless look where fabric will bend.   Roll your newly created fleece yarn into one giant ball of yarn. 😄

  Now get to arm knitting. Don’t know how? Now worries! This link is AMAZING!!!

After 5 yards, I realized I wanted my blanket to be bigger so we bought another 2.5 yards and repeated the process of making the yarn. But it was worth it, because I landed up with this beauty. ❤️  

 I will admit that I spent a LOT longer than 45 minutes on my blanket but it’s also quite a bit bigger than the one in the tutorial. And after everything was said and done I landed up using the full 7.5 yards of fleece.

Full day and it’s only 4:30pm

I was fortunate enough to be off today and what a busy day it’s been…and it’s only 4:30pm. We got and got ready for the day then moved a few things then had breakfast, then while we were waiting for our banana bread to bake we made a small pack of play-doh doggies, played with our real doggies, had a snack, headed into town ran a few errands went to Pampo & Grammy’s to deliver the freshly baked banana bread, stayed and played with Lyssa’s (toy) farm animals then took in this beautiful sight…


Can’t imagine where we are?


Lol chillin on the hammock (Lyss totally fell in love with it…as we were laying there…she said that this was the best day ever 🙂 )

Then after lunch we decided to go for a drive and Lyssa wanted to make sure that Belle was safe…