Sunday morning cuddly photo shoot

Sunday morning Alyssa snuck into our room already fully dressed, cowgirl boots on & hair combed and popped up at the foot of our bed and shouted WAKE UP MOM & DAD!!!! It was super cute and very surprising to say the least lol. She then pulled me out of bed because she needed help with her photo shoot. As soon as I walk into her room I immediately see her toys carefully posed on her bean bag ready for their 15 minutes of fame (seriously our little girl is so darn cute! I know…I know I’m totally biased)


Mommy took these of Alyssa and her babies.






Alyssa’s artwork.

Day on the water

Today we decided to chill out on the water with AnnaMarie (my Dad’s pontoon). Boy oh boy was it chilled alright. I forgot that Walsenburg is usually about 10 degrees cooler than Pueblo so we did not prepare for it to be as cold as it was…thank goodness for Auntie Dorothy who came to our rescue with extra jackets! I think my favorite part of the day was watching Cole who was super infatuated with the boat especially when he asked if this was the first time we had the boat out on the ocean (it was super cute because it was his first time he has been on the boat since he was a baby). Lyssa’s favorite part was fishing with Pampo (she didn’t even care that they didn’t catch anything). After the day was over it was completely worth freezing our tails off because it was a great day spent with family.






Thank you Captain Daddy/Pampo for a wonderful day!

March of Dimes

Yesterday was our March of Dimes walk and as usual it was so much fun! This year Josh and I decided to bring Alyssa since she is big enough to make it through the walk now and after all we want our daughter to experience these great events and to help others.
The morning started extra early but in good spirits (well Josh had to use some magic to bring Lyss up to a good mood as she wanted to stay in bed with her teddy bear…she is NOT a morning person lol)


But after daddy worked his magic and we mention her friend Ari would be there she was ready to go!

I was so proud of the girls…even though Lyss hikes with us there is usually more distractions on a hike and with the walk they seemed to realize how long we were truly walking. About half way done Lyss & Ari started asking for a piggyback ride…I prolonged them riding it out by telling them as soon as we get to the street they could have a ride (sneaky mommie…we never crossed a street…he he he) but in the last stretch the art of distraction faltered and they realized that they still didn’t get their piggyback ride so I saddled up and started giving Lyss a ride but the moment that Josh offered to give Ari a ride Lyss almost jump off my back and became very protective & kinda got in a “hey that’s MY daddy” attitude (hate to see the jealously when she gets older lol) and even though I offered to carry Ari, Josh just laughed at the girls both wanting him to carry them and offered to carry them both which was pretty darn cute to watch my wonderful hubby be superman and make the girls giggle with delight that they were both getting carried by Lyssa’s awesome, goofball of a dad.

After we got done with the walk we hung out and let the girls get their faces painted



Then they play on the bounce house and slide (weird their legs were no longer tired lol)



And finally Ari & Lyss rode the ponies, which was so cool because this was Ari’s first pony ride…she was SOOOO excited!


I am looking forward to continuing to raise money for the babies and for next years walk with my family.
For 75 years, the March of Dimes has helped babies get a healthy start in life. March for Babies makes this work possible. The money raised will support programs that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies, and will fund research to prevent premature birth and birth defects.

Alyssa Hope (1 Day old)

A day at the Museum

Sunday Josh & I took Lyssa to her favorite museum. As soon as we walked through the doors she immediately asked to feed the sabortooth lion. And the look on her face was so entertaining as she cautiously put the money in his mouth and quickly draws her hand back (seriously so darn cute). Then we left the day up to her, we visited all the exhibits that she wanted to see. It was a blast to see her run up to each display behind glass and ask us to read the ‘story’ about it. I love the fact that she is so interested in our world’s history…it’s a curiosity that I hope stays with her for her lifetime.

After the museum we took her to Old Chicago for the first time and as a special treat we enjoyed one of their giant cookies with vanilla ice cream (yummmmy…delicious!!!)

On the ride home we have a tradition and name our favorite part of our day together.
Alyssa’s: all the cool animals, the dinosaurs, mummy and…the giant cookie 🙂




















First Hike of 2013

So Alyssa, Josh and I took our good friends Paul and Tracie on their first ever hike today to Seven Bridges. The day was beautiful in the upper 50s and the trails were pretty clear with only little patches of snow here and there.



Us playing around on the walk in route to the trail head.





Taking a break to do some amateur rock climbing.



Thank you Paul and Tracie for sharing today with us, we had a blast! We are thankful for another healthy happy day and being able to share it with good company! 🙂

Celebrating a good friend turning a quarter of a century

Last week we celebrated one of my good friend’s 25th birthday with a surprise party which was her loving hubby’s idea. Paul came to Alasha & I with the idea of throwing a party for the love of his life because she was reaching one of life’s milestone birthday and we immediately volunteered to help. Alasha made the reservation and gave out the invitations and I was in charge of getting the birthday girl to the restaurant and of course making the cake.

So Tracie thought that she and Paul were meeting Alyssa, Josh & I for dinner. And she never suspected otherwise so it was so cool to see the pure surprise when she saw her family and friends all sitting together and everyone yelled SURPRISE! It was truly awesome 🙂 All in all the evening was a success and after good food with good company we had dessert and finally went home after closing down the restaurant.


Hope you had a wonderful birthday Tracie!

Alice in Wonderland party snippet

Here a couple pics from Little Lyssa Hope’s birthday party last weekend. Overall it went really well, the kids had fun (my main goal achieved) and adults seemed to enjoy themselves too 🙂


My mom as the white rabbit




I will load all of the pics this weekend.

Some Good Advice

So the other night my boss had made the comment that her and her husband started that tradition 20-some years ago not answer their phone(s) during dinner; since its the only meal that they get together.
After she left her words kept ringing in my head and I couldn’t help but think how many dinners over the years we interrupted with answering a text or phone call so that very night I mentioned the subject to my hubby and we both fell in love with the idea of turning our phones off during dinner whether its a big family dinner or just the two of us enjoying a bite together.
I challenge everyone to turn the cell phone off and enjoy some family time. I know that I want my spouse and child to look back in 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now and remember spending quality family time together instead of how much I was distracted…

Prankster taught a lesson

So on Monday my hubby decided to play a really mean prank on me. So he made me think I got him in really BIG trouble at work because a few days before I had accidentally text his work phone (nothing inappropriate…I was actually excited because the house we have been interested in dropped in price) instead of his normal personal phone….
After I realized that he was just playing one of his many jokes, I decided my teach my prankster hubby a lesson. So I (and my awesome friends) came up with a plan to make him think I was pregnant (yes we went for a low blow). So I was sensitive to smells, couldn’t eat meat because it taste weird, was a little nauseous, then during lunch hubby and I were going over our calendars and my time was so “conveniently” scheduled for a week ago which caused a panicked look and a quick trip to Walgreens to pick up some pregnancy tests. After returning to work we agreed that I would take the test on my 2nd break. My plan was to get one of my friends who was really preggers to pee on the stick for me but I forgot she got off early. So I found a believable pic on Google (I went pretty far in the search results to ensure it wasn’t easily found) and sent him the pic. At this point his coworkers say that he went white and almost passed out. I came clean about an hour later but he learned a valuable lesson…and he has now vowed to never prank me again Lol 🙂 love ya babe!