Zoo Themed Lunch 2


We got a special treat at the zoo, in addition to all of the amazing animals they also had a Lego exhibit. There were 16 displays from Polar Bears to a Lion, but they also had a momma & baby Bison and I created this lunch based off of this particular display. The mom was made out of around 43,000 blocks and the baby was created from around 16,000 blocks. 


Zoo Themed Lunch

I made tomorrow’s lunch as a special way of remembering our amazing trip to the Denver Zoo today.  

We got to see so many amazing animals but I certainly couldn’t fit the whole zoo in her lunch lol, so I chose some of our favorites. When she saw her lunch tonight her favorite was definitely the crocodile who was made from the side of a cucumber. It was so cute because she was happy the carrots separated him from the elephant (I think she was worried the crocodile would try and bite the elephant), I swear this little girl is so darn cute. 😊


There are so many proud moments I have as a momma, but today when I walked out of the house into the garage to see my hubby teaching our little girl how to shoot her new Daisy BB Rifle (bday present from us) I was truly so proud of her…especially her accuracy for her first shooting.




We take her with us to the ranch when we shoot, but NOW she can join in on the fun and have a little target practice herself.
FYI her target was a picture she asked my dad to draw specifically for shooting (she wanted to be able to shoot zombies but knows how super afraid of zombies so she asked Pampo to draw a Frankenstein zombie so mommie wouldn’t be too scared…super cute right)

It’s that time again

When the winter holidays begin I like so many others take a break from my workout routine and that hiatus lasted through the holidays and sad to say into February. Lately I had been feeling icky and the urge to workout began to grow. Now that my wonderful hubby is out of town I had some extra time on my hands, so after power cleaning our home I knew that inevitable time has come to get down to business and get my sweat on! However I spent more time searching the house for my favorite now lost tennis shoes and kept thinking “ok Kris you KNOW it’s been too long when you can’t find your workout shoes!!!” Alas I did find them and my challenge to get my six pack back has begun!

Camping @ Huerfano

Had a wonderful weekend camping with family at the Huerfano.
Best part is watching my daughter play with her cousins, I love all the dirt on her face (sign of a great day). 🙂

Cole enjoying the swing him & Josh put together




Lyssa exploring



Cole, JJ & Lyssa trying to find fish in the stream

Sign of a great weekend when Shadow passes out on the way home lol

Family BBQ

Today we enjoyed Lepik Palooza where we celebrated our house warming, my birthday, Josh’s birthday and our anniversary and I have to say I had a grand time!!! This was the first party that Josh decided that he wanted to be in charge of so I temporarily denied my party OCD instincts and gave him the reigns.
He had the invitations designed 6 months in advance I kept thinking that I created another OCD party monster (I was so proud). But after giving my hubby 3 friendly reminders to get the invitations printed and mailed out at 8, 6 & 4 weeks then me freaking out because he hadn’t mailed out the invitations much less printed them (remember I DID say temporarily) then since I hit my 3 strikes rule I no longer mentioned the invitations…and then about a week before the party my darlin hubby sent me a text that he asked me to forward as the party invite to my family & friends list (I was thinking that we were definitely NOT going to have much of a turn out) but boy was I wrong!
We had about 50 close friends and family show up today to enjoy the day with us. My mom got Lyss a pool that ALL of the kids enjoyed with Beach Balls and Floaties. We hung out and enjoyed our time with our amazing extended family, so thank you ma famille for a wonderful day!!!
I love you all so very much 🙂

Muddy Princess

So lately Lyss has been on a mud kick. Friday evening when I got out of work and Josh & I went to pick her up from my parents; we find her in one of her pretty dress up skirts, a white t-shirt, high heels and a purple tiara playing in the mud! When my mom asked if I was mad I just laughed and Josh & I said “god made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” yes I know corny old saying but it’s totally true.

So yesterday when I walked outside to bust her made her own mud pit I wasn’t all that surprised but had to snap a few incriminating pics as evidence! At least this time she was in a swim suit lol.





Day on the water

Today we decided to chill out on the water with AnnaMarie (my Dad’s pontoon). Boy oh boy was it chilled alright. I forgot that Walsenburg is usually about 10 degrees cooler than Pueblo so we did not prepare for it to be as cold as it was…thank goodness for Auntie Dorothy who came to our rescue with extra jackets! I think my favorite part of the day was watching Cole who was super infatuated with the boat especially when he asked if this was the first time we had the boat out on the ocean (it was super cute because it was his first time he has been on the boat since he was a baby). Lyssa’s favorite part was fishing with Pampo (she didn’t even care that they didn’t catch anything). After the day was over it was completely worth freezing our tails off because it was a great day spent with family.






Thank you Captain Daddy/Pampo for a wonderful day!