Intermediate Trail

So instead of going to Colorado Springs to go shopping I decided I would rather go mountain biking and I was feeling rather brave so I chose an intermediate course for Josh and I to go on…boy I realize now sometimes how much of a sissy la la I can be because there were parts through Rock Canon that I had to walk my bike down (Josh my ever loving fiancĂ© was always patiently waiting for me at the bottom)…but after getting my toes wet I chose I would rather going down the steep hills and biff it than have to walk my bike down anymore after approximately 5 miles we were in the home stretch except for the last mile was all uphill…thanks to Josh’s support I can proudly say I made it!!! Thank you for always supporting and believing in me honey!



Threesixfive – Day 29

As I am waiting for my noodles to cook I decided to reflect on my day. Went to work (my regular full time job not baking) then Josh had an eye appt and after being blinded with the dilation drops I helped him pick a super cool pair of glasses with a hint of lime green in them (his fav color) then we decided to take advantage of the remaining sunlight and went for a bike ride and took in the beauty surrounding us…




Threesixfive – Day 9

So today is Daddy/Daughter day and they decided to go hiking at the Res. Lyssa is definitely our little outdoors girl and Josh’s shadow…anything daddy does Lyssa can do too from working outside to tweaking our bikes to “helping” him BBQ. I love watching them doing things together and getting that special bonding time in.





Gaining Confidence

So for Christmas “Santa” brought Lyss a bike and due to the colder weather in Colorado she has only had the chance to practice riding it indoors. But today we were fortunate enough for upper 50s and no wind so Josh and I took Lyss to the Nature Center and walked beside her as she rode her bike on the trails. It was amazing to see her confidence grow from not wanting to even ride over a simple crack to going so fast that we had to jog to keep up with her! We tell her that she can do anything and I love watching her face when she discovers she really can do anything she sets her mind to do!