DIY Lumiere

So I have started on the props for Alyssa’s Beauty and the Beast party (yes, yes I know her birthday isn’t until March…but last minute running around drives me crazy so I start early) 😁  

The first character I started was Lumiere. Lyss helped me pull this Christmas candle holder apart.

Our demolishin side came out and we had a lot of fun pulling, twisting and prying the pieces off lol. After it was completely dissembled I twisted the smaller bar so it would be shaped like Lumiere’s arms and glued it with permanent E6000 glue so it would stay put.

Then I shaped his body with air dry clay. 

After everything was dried I spray painted him gold and added some battery operated lights and voila! Lumiere has come to life!  



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Sleeping Beauty Party

Our little darling chose Sleeping Beauty as this year’s birthday theme. So for the color palette we chose different shades of pinks, white & gold (especially gold sparkle…a princess just HAS to have her sparkle). We used doilies and tissue paper to make the banners which turned out beautiful and completed the look.   

 For the girls we made them beautiful crowns (tutorial) and gumball necklaces. I got the idea for the fabulous necklace stand from Life Ann Style 

For the Knights we picked up chest armor and shield from Dollar Tree and spray painted gold. For the swords I was originally playing around with the idea of making them wood swords but remembered how rough boys are with each other and decided to go with inflatable ones since they would most likely be smacking each other with them lol.

(Image coming soon)

For our princess we bought this amazing hand-made Aurora Dress from Miquel Zotto, even after letting her play in it most of the day it held up extremely well and is still as beautiful as the day it arrived.

We opted for sandals instead of dress shoes but was not disappointed with the pretty pink sandals I got on Zulily.  

Per the request of the birthday girl Josh, myself and my parents also play dress up for the day (yes we are totally kids at heart too). Daddy got to be King Stefan and I was lucky enough to be Queen Leah. So I based our outfits off of the characters.  

  My dad’s outfit was so much fun and was super easy to make in order to make King Hubert’s character come to life.

The gift bags were book bags that we transformed into customized bags for the kiddos.   

We simply used our refurbished buffet table as the gift table and hung the Happy Birthday banner to complete the look.  

Then the birthday girl opened her presents on a pink chair made suitable for a princess. 

   There were so many details it’s hard to fit them into one post, there was a huge inflatable dragon flying above the tables, goblets for the girls, mugs for the boys, adventure coloring books, chicken, roasted potatoes, pinwheels, cake pops, French vanilla pink velvet cake, and other goodies galore.



At the end of the day we were blessed to have so many friends and family join us to celebrate another wonderful & healthy year.  

Simply Meant To Be Wedding Cake

I had the pleasure of making a wedding cake for an amazing couple


Over 1,000 petals went into making all of these roses but it’s totally worth it to see the smile on the bride & groom’s faces when they see the cake for the first time 😊
Congratulations Olivia & Donavan!

Kitchen Make Over

I believe I have started a new tradition. During my hubby’s last several business trips to Dallas besides hours of ballet practice and rehearsals, work, work outs, crafts, etc. I have kept myself preoccupied with home improvement projects. Last time he was out of town I updated our upstairs bathroom (here). Well this time I decided to test the time limits and give our tiny kitchen a facelift all the while keeping my project a complete surprise for Josh to discover when he got home.

In order to keep it a surprise I definitely had to make the changes budget friendly.
• So I decided to give our old outdated oak cabinets a fresh look by painting them white.
• And instead of buying all new hardware (hinges and pull knobs) I gave our old brass ones a coat of black spray paint (my friend Sascha fondly points out that spray paint is our duct tape…we use it to fix EVERYTHING! lol).
• Found a killer deal at the north-side Lowes (yes I know I am SUPER lucky that our town has TWO stores) on wood closet shelves that were too pretty to hide in a closet soooo I decided they to use them in the kitchen instead





At this point I decided that our old counters were now too ugly to stay so I took a risk did some really quick (and I mean quick like in while walking to the paint aisle at Lowes) Google searches how to redo a countertop and decided to paint our countertops and then give them a couple coats of polyurethane to protect them (I figured polyurethane is good enough to protect floors it is good enough to protect countertops. I have to say the gamble totally paid off, we now have beautiful new (well they look new) countertops for $30!




I am happy to share that the results amazed my husband (and myself…after I was done I simply sat on our kitchen and stared at my handy work 🙂 but I am super cheesy like that). Best part is…due to me having most of the basic supplies the overall make over only cost $70 out of my pocket!

Bathroom Morning Makeover

I love home improvement projects, don’t you? Afterwards I love sitting back and admiring my work, appreciating the impact my efforts made and feeling accomplished for the day(s) it took to finish the job.

All winter I have been itching to redo our upstairs bathroom cabinet and today I finally had a day off where I actually had some free time (yippee! Enjoying that rare moment 🙂 ).

So after spending a few hours at Lowes; pretty much just walking through nearly every department, dreaming and comparing colors, I finally made it home with my needed supplies: paint, sponge paint brush, mini roller, new knobs (we already had sand paper at home).

After removing the doors and drawers, cleaning and preparing the base and medicine cabinets, taping, painting, and reassembling I got to do one of my favorite things….impress my wonderful husband! He was totally shocked when he saw the difference, and kept commenting how paint and new hardware can make that much of a difference, he immediately wanted to redo our kitchen cabinets lol. Woot! I count this as a win 🙂



Glowing Fairy Jar

When my brother and I were growing up we were lucky enough to have very involved parents. On days we had good weather they had us outside being active, however on the days the weather forced us to stay inside they sometimes had a project for us. We were very lucky because both of our parents are artists and they taught us how to draw, paint, do pottery, etc. Now that my wonderful husband and I have our daughter we naturally want to be involved in her life also. So from a very early age we have positively encouraged her alone time where she can play and entertain herself for a bit, however we all enjoy our quality time together and when she has to stay inside due to weather or it simply just being too late to stay outside we have continued the tradition and do similar crafts with our little one. It’s wonderful knowing that she cherishes craft time and hopefully one day she will want to have that special time with her child.

Last night’s craft project was inspired by my brother (Alyssa’s Uncle Bubba…his childhood nickname has definitely stuck for a lifetime)

With the lights on…

Amazing view with the lights off

1 tsp – 1 Tbsp Gold glitter
1 tsp – 1 Tbsp Green glitter
1 tsp – 1 Tbsp Elmer’s glue
Liquid from a yellow glow stick
Clean jar with lid

Mix the glitter, glue & glow stick liquid into the jar
Put the lid on tight
Shake, shake @ shake some more 🙂


There are so many proud moments I have as a momma, but today when I walked out of the house into the garage to see my hubby teaching our little girl how to shoot her new Daisy BB Rifle (bday present from us) I was truly so proud of her…especially her accuracy for her first shooting.




We take her with us to the ranch when we shoot, but NOW she can join in on the fun and have a little target practice herself.
FYI her target was a picture she asked my dad to draw specifically for shooting (she wanted to be able to shoot zombies but knows how super afraid of zombies so she asked Pampo to draw a Frankenstein zombie so mommie wouldn’t be too scared…super cute right)

Starry Sweets

I am a firm believer that things turn out better when they are done properly from scratch. With that being said, out of exhaustion I chose to buy some sugar cookie mix and save myself some time…BIG mistake!!!
Not only did the cookies not hold their shape, now I just wasted precious time cutting & baking 3 batches of cookies! So I pull out my recipe book and make the cookies from scratch which I will just do in the future (thank you life for this great lesson).
Despite the false start, I love the way the ones from scratch turned out!

Had to compare both batches lol


Now THOSE are how sugar cookies are supposed to look 😀

Pixie Dust

This was the first project that Alyssa and I started in preparation for her Neverland birthday party and we just put the finishing touches to dress up the bottles a bit.