Threesixfive – Day 64

Lyssa was so excited to see her Nina & Nono (her godparents) as they had been on vacation in NYC for the past week. She had missed them so much while they were gone that she wanted to get a suitcase so she could pack her bag and go to New York to see them. And as soon as they got back she celebrated with some bear hugs then decided to play in the mud lol


Threesixfive – Day 59

Lyssa got scared in the middle of the night and came crawling into bed with mommy & daddy and found the best pillow to fall asleep on lol. I really do think it’s adorable that when she crawls in bed with us that she always snuggles with her daddy (cuz all other times she is a complete mommy’s girl)


Threesixfive – Day 45

I love my Daddy (yes still as a grown woman I still call him Daddy…and always will). He has been and will always be one of my favorite people in life, he has been there for me for everything… whether it’s something super small (from helping me pick out an outfit for a special event) to life changing news (he was the first person I ran to when I found out I had cancer). He has always told me that he had always wanted to be a dad and he was so thankful and happy when he was finally blessed with children and every once in a while he sends me little reminders that he loves me and is thinking about me…
Love you Daddy!
Love your Sweetpea 🙂


Threesixfive – Day 43

Just when I need it most…my Honey surprises me and does something to make smile. I didn’t even know that he took these on my phone til I pulled up my Photos…

Guys some advice…it’s the little things you do that mean the most to us… because we may not always remember what you say but we will ALWAYS remember how you made us feel…







Threesixfive – Day 39

So the era of having to go the ER is upon us… Granted when we were younger my brother and I had our fair share of ER visits from him swallowing coins, me putting orange seeds up my nose, him looking too far out the car window and taking a perfect 10 head dive into the cement, to me deciding to cut cardboard with a knife and almost cutting the tip of one of my fingers clean off…well yesterday Lyssa was running, tripped & split her eyebrow open on a bench…first hospital we went to lets just say was icky (I’m not huge on blood being on everything where the kids are supposed to be able to play) so we packed up, let them know we were headed out and headed to the Pueblo West ER and they got us back right away. Dr took a look and decided she needed stitches (even though Mommy tried requesting a glue suture) and my tough little girl got 3 stitches to her eyebrow. Way to go Lyss!!!
It did completely break our hearts after she was sutured up when Lyss started crying not because of the pain… but because she said she wasn’t beautiful anymore and that she looked like Frankenstein…we told her that she will always be beautiful because beauty starts from within and naturally radiates outward and as long as she remains who she is…she will always be our beautiful angel…

I will warn you if you don’t like blood…don’t look at the pics




Threesixfive – Day 25

I am truly blessed to have a group of best friends that are more like loved sisters since we were all in 6th grade. We also happened to have our children in pairs which gives us another reason to get together and enjoy our girl time while the kids play together. Today we took the kids to park to feed the ducks and then took them to a quieter playground for a couple hours.