Threesixfive – Day 74

Today I got lucky enough to spend the day with my 3 best girl friends. These girls have been my sisters ever since 6th grade and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.
We decided what better way to spend a girl day than to go shopping right? 🙂 well we were really shopping for their bridesmaids dresses which landed up proving harder to find than we thought. However after 6 hours of shopping, almost having a stroller/escalator accident, enjoying lunch together to all of us giggling in one changing stall together… we were happy to find a dress for each of them which was a good thing because we were ALL shopped out


Threesixfive – Day 71

So Honey & I have always been completely honest with each other…sometimes to the point we get butt hurt. But we always talk it out and thankfully have only had 2 real fights in the years that we have been together. Well yesterday morning when Honey saw the bouquet I made he totally compared it to the medieval weapon with spikes!



So after spending most of the morning at work being hurt, I decided that he was right so I went out and purchased more shells, then after we got home Lyssa & I attempted to dissemble the first one the best we could to salvage my favorites pieces and tonight I made another go at it…I have to admit I am really happy in the end that he gave me his opinion because after I put the 2nd bouquet together…I like this one much much more!


Threesixfive – Day 54

After making a trip to Shane Co in Denver to pick up our wedding rings 😀 we decided to go to Honey’s #1 favorite store (Apple) and then hiked around Garden of the Gods to spend some quality family time as well as show Lyssa exactly where we are going to have our wedding ceremony at. On the way home there was a pretty double rainbow to frame our view.







Help! I am having a rare girlie moment and can’t decide

I have narrowed down my bridesmaids dresses down to these two but cannot decide on which one to go with. Both are beautiful but I completely need some help because half of my girls like the shorter one (who can blame them since we are having our ceremony outside in the middle of July) and the other half like the full length dress (which are very elegant as well and give that more classy look)