DIY Mrs. Potts & Chip

Mrs. Potts and Chip are finished! 

 So anyone who knows me would say I’m a perfectionist but sometimes that OCD side of me totally pays off lol. I knew immediately what kind of tea pot I wanted to use for Mrs. Potts but when it came to Chip I couldn’t find one that was just right and I wouldn’t settle for a cup that wasn’t the perfect size & shape. But after about a month of searching I found the perfect cup to transform into Chip, even IF it didn’t have a chip in it. 😉  

This set of characters were actually pretty easy to complete once I had the items with the shape & sizes I wanted. 

I started with molding air dry clay around the Mrs. Potts, the sugar and creamer holders. The clay gave Mrs. Potts the appearance of her rufflie hat/lid and all of the tea set characters their rimmed feet.

After the clay was dry, I spray painted the characters a soft white color to ensured they all matched and I loved the softer color because bright white would look too new and after all they have been enchanted for seven years.  

After they were completely white, I simply took some acrylic paint and perfectly colored sharpies and added the custom paint job to give this cute little tea set the perfect look. To Lyssa’s delight I even gave Chip his trademark “chip” that contributed to his name. 

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With my baby girl’s (I know she’s going to be 8, but she is STILL my baby girl) birthday around the corner I am putting the finishing touches on the Beauty and the Beast characters and very excited to share how they came to life! 

I chose NOT to add the faces to the characters (dispite Lyssa’s protests) because I wanted to have a believable aspect. I wanted each character to look like the actual household item, yet give them enough personality so we can totally see how they could come to life once enchanted. 😉

This post shares how Cogsworth, the tightly wound clock who is in charge of overseeing everything in the castle came to life.

After scouring thrift stores for a few weeks I found a dome clock (YAY! It was a double win since the dome was perfect for the Enchanted Rose which will be in a different post).  

Lyssa & I unscrewed all the pieces and removed Cogsworth’s head and put it aside.  

Then I did a sloppy sketch (don’t judge, I did say it was a sloppy sketch lol) of what I was envisioning Cogsworth to look like in my mind.  

Now that I had a good idea of how I wanted him to look, I grabbed a scrap board and drew out the design. I first lightly sketched him out in pencil, using a ruler for the straight lines. Then traced over the drawing in a sharpie for a thicker line, which would make it easier to follow while I was cutting out the pieces using our new zig saw (an awesome Christmas present from my brother…he knows his sister loves her power tools! 😍). 

Once all the pieces were cut out, hubby applied gorilla wood glue and we put a heavy tool box on top of the now glued pieces of wood to help press everything together.  

Once the glue had fully dried, I cut out some panel board for the top & bottom to close up his body. We applied some stain and painted the inside a dark bluish-purple color. Then I used some old toilet paper & towel holders as his feet (SEE honey, it WAS a good thing I didn’t throw them away!) 😁   

For his arms I knew I wanted something whimsical but couldn’t find anything that seemed the perfect fit then it dawned on me! Why not use gold bakeable clay! Genius I know. 😊 The clay gave me full creative license to choose exactly how the arms would be shaped and bent. 275 degrees and 45 minutes later his arms were done! I let them harden overnight.

Here is what Cogsworth looks like today: 

I know that I am a big cheeseball but I am so excited with how he turned out!
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