Threesixfive – Day 9

So today is Daddy/Daughter day and they decided to go hiking at the Res. Lyssa is definitely our little outdoors girl and Josh’s shadow…anything daddy does Lyssa can do too from working outside to tweaking our bikes to “helping” him BBQ. I love watching them doing things together and getting that special bonding time in.





Threesixfive – Day 5

I believe in freedom of choice especially when it comes to my daughter…now hear me out I usually give her two options like picking between an apple or orange to snack on or choosing between me reading “Monster at the end of this book” and “Green eggs and ham” well today she got to choose her outfit and the results turned out beautiful…Oh ya I forgot to mention…Lyssa is a ham (just like her daddy)




Threesixfive – Day 3

I am inspired by my friends love and support for her daughter. Gabby was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and even though they have insurance the treatments are not covered so Nicole being the inventive loving mother that she is has came up with a few ideas to help raise funds for the expensive treatments…a mother’s love and support is beyond beautiful…



Gaining Confidence

So for Christmas “Santa” brought Lyss a bike and due to the colder weather in Colorado she has only had the chance to practice riding it indoors. But today we were fortunate enough for upper 50s and no wind so Josh and I took Lyss to the Nature Center and walked beside her as she rode her bike on the trails. It was amazing to see her confidence grow from not wanting to even ride over a simple crack to going so fast that we had to jog to keep up with her! We tell her that she can do anything and I love watching her face when she discovers she really can do anything she sets her mind to do!



Artistic Artwork

I am fortunate enough to have two artistic parents who were kind enough not only to pass their gifts onto my brother and me genetically but they also spent time with us teaching us to fine tune our talents.

I remember as a child on rainy days sitting down with my family (with no tv on) and us all drawing for hours. Of course these were the days before cell phones or the world wide web. But looking back it was times like those that I cherish the most. And every time I draw or paint with my little girl I wonder if it will be one of her fond memories when she is grown…

Now I am venturing out and want to share my paintings with the world.