Daddy’s Warrior Princess

I love my Dad, he is amazing!
From a early age he had me helping him around the house with projects from plumbing to lighting to building a new room in the basement. Because he always included me and took the time to show me how to fix things I grew up with the mentality that girls can do everything boys can do.
Well today I put some of those skills to use when I decided to put up my newly painted new lights (I wanted a bronze finish but wanted to pay the brass price…which saved me $20 per light fixture).
I ordered Cabela’s Grand River Lodge Fisherman’s Ceiling Light

In Antique Brass for $19.88 then decided to spray paint the lights in a Rubbed Oil Bronze finish $6.97 from Lowes

To protect the wires I covered the top in foil and took my project out back 🙂

After 1 coat and some touch ups I was extremely happy with the results
especially since I saved $93 ($100 savings from the lights – $7 cost of the spray paint)
Note: one bottle of this Spray paint covered all 5 lights that I purchased.


Oh ya! Uh huh! Another win for this weekend warrior princess! Lol yes I am totally doing my happy dance right now 🙂