DIY Stair Makeover

I’m so happy hubby is back from his business trip. While he was gone I was on vacation and needed that extra time because I spent 98% of my time working on some DIY home improvements (as usual). 

This time when he walked in he was greeted with hardwood stairs instead of the dated carpeted stairs that we could never get 100% spot free. 

DAY 1:  To complete this project, I waited about 3 seconds after he drove away to run and get my handy dandy multi-tool and began ripping out the carpet. 

Once I had the carpet and padding completely pulled up I was greeted by layers upon layers of dirt buildup (eww).

Then began the long process of tearing out all of the wonderful staples both big and small that held the carpet to the stairs for probably 10+ years.😳

Once all the staples were out (ok, ok ALMOST all of the staples were out) I sanded down the stairs and kick plates. This was a lot of fun getting to see the beauty start to peek out from underneath the dirt and grime. My mom was a life saver because there was sawdust EVERYWHERE! And bless her heart, she dusted my entire upstairs to help me out.

 After painting the kick plates and sides semi-gloss white (makes it easier to clean), I stained every other stair so I could still go up and down the stairs as needed. I originally wanted to go with a lighter stain but had to chose a darker one to cover all of the stains that were permanently in the stairs.

Day 2: The next morning I stained the other stairs and marked the dry ones with green tape. When my mom came over to help she immediately asked which ones she could walk on and I told her “green means go”. After a good laugh she never forgot which step to use.

Towards the evening I added polyurethane to all of the stair treads, sat back to admire my handy work and realized I accidentally left my Redbull on the dining table at the top of the stairs! 😩 After seriously contemplating climbing over the railing for it, I decided to start working on the office instead.

It makes me so happy because hubby has made comments everyday on how much he likes the stairs now.  I consider this project definitely a win!

DIY Sour Cream Crown

We just finished the crowns for our princess’s upcoming birthday party.

I wanted the crowns to be unique which meant I needed to make them myself (like I really needed the excuse lol).
I entertained the thought of lace crowns for a minute since I loved the ones done by thegirlinspired but in the end I decided I wanted ones shaped more like Aurora’s crown since we are having a Sleeping Beauty themed party.
In order to achieve this look I sketched out a crown on cardstock until I had the shape I desired.

Then traced it on some sour cream containers (don’t judge but we definitely go through a lot of sour cream in our house and I save the containers because…well you never know when you will need one).
Next I cut the crowns out using my new handy tandy shears that I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas (thank you again Connie…I LOVE these things!!).

After I gave them a good two coats of Rust-Oleum gold spray-paint (letting them dry fully in between coats) I gave them one coat of Valspar gold glitter spray-paint.

Now I am just debating whether to attach them to the gold headbands or not. Either way, we are super excited with the results so far.


Personalized Tea Cups for Tots

What better favor for an Alice in Wonderland tea party than your very own personalized teacup…this is what I told myself around 10 months ago and slowly started scouring for teacups that met my approval to match the theme. Finally luck was on my side and I found 3 packages of four tea cups, after realizing the number of children attending I had to find one more set but couldn’t find the pastel colors again so I went with red (I was thinking of the Queen of Hearts) and all in all…I am quite pleased with the results:


I used oil based Sharpies because all of the reviews and tutorials (and trust me I went through a LOT) said that they were the better and more permanent choice than the normal sharpies.
Put the mugs in the oven, THEN set it to bake at 350 degrees, once it warmed up to 350 degrees I set the timer for 30 minutes, once the timeframe has past I turned the oven off and let the mugs cool with the oven.

Here are the results:






I feel in LOVE with Alyssa’s mug as it also had a little white bunny on the inside