Neverland Chocolate Covered Oreos

As I was creating the dessert list for Alyssa’s Neverland Birthday party I wanted to make a treat that I haven’t made before but doable. In the end I chose to make chocolate covered oreos for the versatility in being able to cover them in any color and pair them with different toppers plus I knew that I wouldn’t be spending tons of time on tedious details (genius thought…I know 😉 )


Skulls for the fierce pirates


Butterflies for our pretty fairies

Periwinkle shoes

Alyssa decided she wanted to be Periwinkle and her Auntie Tracie agreed to be Tinkerbell for Alyssa’s Neverland birthday party. And Periwinkle can’t go to her party without her special shoes right?!

All it took was creative thinking, sparkly shoes, 2 white Pom Poms, long lasting craft glue, lots of
Fairy Dust and viola! Fairy shoes fit for Periwinkle or her lovely sister.

Getting ready for a Neverland Birthday!

The one time of year that I completely overdo the celebration is my daughter’s birthday party. I know that her party’s are bigger than needed however I am truly celebrating my little miracle and that she is healthy and happy.
This year we decided to celebrate with a Neverland theme and of course like always the invitations had to match and rhyme 🙂

I will totally admit that I am extremely excited for this party! More details to come…