Glowing Fairy Jar

When my brother and I were growing up we were lucky enough to have very involved parents. On days we had good weather they had us outside being active, however on the days the weather forced us to stay inside they sometimes had a project for us. We were very lucky because both of our parents are artists and they taught us how to draw, paint, do pottery, etc. Now that my wonderful husband and I have our daughter we naturally want to be involved in her life also. So from a very early age we have positively encouraged her alone time where she can play and entertain herself for a bit, however we all enjoy our quality time together and when she has to stay inside due to weather or it simply just being too late to stay outside we have continued the tradition and do similar crafts with our little one. It’s wonderful knowing that she cherishes craft time and hopefully one day she will want to have that special time with her child.

Last night’s craft project was inspired by my brother (Alyssa’s Uncle Bubba…his childhood nickname has definitely stuck for a lifetime)

With the lights on…

Amazing view with the lights off

1 tsp – 1 Tbsp Gold glitter
1 tsp – 1 Tbsp Green glitter
1 tsp – 1 Tbsp Elmer’s glue
Liquid from a yellow glow stick
Clean jar with lid

Mix the glitter, glue & glow stick liquid into the jar
Put the lid on tight
Shake, shake @ shake some more 🙂

Pixie Dust

This was the first project that Alyssa and I started in preparation for her Neverland birthday party and we just put the finishing touches to dress up the bottles a bit.



Captain Hook’s Ship

Alas the party is right around the corner. When we started putting ideas together for Lyssa’s Neverland party I envisioned Captain Hook’s Ship on either the dessert table or a centerpiece…well it came time to draw the ship and once I was done sketching I knew right away it’s place belonged on the dessert table 🙂




After I finished drawing the ship, I used an Exacto blade to cut the ship out of the foam board
Then came a coat of metallic gold acrylic paint
After the paint dried while Alyssa & Josh were out running errands, I sprayed it with gold glitter
When they got back, I thought I would be cute and tell Lyssa that a Tinkerbell came by the house and sprinkled Pixie Dust on the ship…she looks at me with this skeptical look and without skipping a beat asked “then why is the ship not flying then?” I couldn’t help myself.. I let out a laugh and told her that was a very good question and thought that fewer and fewer things are getting past her. lol